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I want to thank Steve very much for his kindness and generosity. He was able to provide me excellent quality work for a very reduced cost and I am very grateful. I am also thankful for Suzie doing the home assessment and being very knowledgeable when she came to my home, and then for reaching out to Steve explaining my situation. I want to thank Igor and his assistant for the absolutely great work that they did with the attic insulation and attic cover, they were very professional and did excellent work. I am so grateful for everyone at Wisconsin Home Improvement. I will always recommend you to anyone looking to have insulation services.

Jenny P.

I just wanted to extend a thank you to you and all of your employees who have spent time at our home fixing our attic issues. Everyone, beginning with yourself, Peter, the crew who did the main job, and Tom who fixed the fan, was always very timely, honest, upfront, and efficient with their job. We very much appreciate everything you guys have done. And everyone always left the area they worked in cleaned up and vacuumed, which was always a huge help when having a pet and crawling baby. 

Hopefully, all of our attic issues are resolved and we won’t be needing to contact you guys anymore! But we would always feel confident contacting you or referring you to friends. 

James V.

Dear Steve, 

We at Grace are so pleased with the quality of work and the professionalism of the crew that did the insulation. Mike and Igor were so respectful of the building and its contents, and so nice to everyone in the congregation who was working at church. 

I will be referring your company to our members and other churches.

Thanks again.

James V., Milwaukee, WI
Cindy S.

I really feel compelled to give a "shout out" to everyone I have come into contact with at WHI. First off - Jody. You are so friendly and helpful on the phone, forgiving me for my inability to "on-line sign", switching up of dates, declining work and then changing my mind. Courteous ALL the time! I appreciate that immensely.

Second - Peter is "the bomb" but you all probably know that by now. I am an educated person, a cardiovascular and gastrointestinal RN for 30 years. I could take you all around the human body. But dumb as a rock when it comes to how a house is put together. Peter had to deal with the "lady of the house" since my husband works long hours. It took as long as was required to make sure that I understood what the issues and solutions were. I'm sure there were times I just had a blank look on my face. Then he'd show me pictures he took with the camera and explain it another way. No condescending attitude that I get so often when I have to deal with male contractors. I even had to call him back a second time for an attic review that I had originally deemed out of the question. No problem. Personable and professional.

Michael - you blew my mind when you and Igor came and laid down floor mats, but shoe coverings on, and cleaned up every, and I mean every, speck of evidence that you had even been there. Work ethic - my god!! You two worked non stop from the time you got there (which was actually the time you said you'd be there - another amazement), till the time you left. I can't tell you how many worker have come into my house with snowy shoes on and left me a mess to clean up afterwards. I was prepared for you - had my old carpets laying on top of my floors and rugs to protect them - no need. You put your own dropcloths on the floor, up the stairs, through the hallway, through the bedroom and on and on. I thought I was back working in surgery when I saw you two putting your shoe coverings on. Unreal!

Igor - you are an animal. You worked and worked - if you went up and down those stairs once, you did it 100 times. In and out, in and out, and then down the stairs to the basement also.

When you look at what was accomplished in one day, I am in awe. And with the "Insulation for Idiots" class I received from Peter, even I can tell what amazing, quality, complete, painstaking work you two did.

Thank you to you all. I never thought I would ever own a home, ever. So it is my pride and joy and you took care of it like you lived there and loved it yourself. I was so afraid to start this project. I see now there was no need for that. You took care of my house, and me, and my dog, to perfection.

Cindy S., Whitefish Bay, WI
Tim S.

Steve, just a side note and I would not send this if it was not completely true - Mike and Pete were both fantastic. I was impressed. We had just had other major construction and have many comparatives for the work WHI did. I would come home and never know they had even been there. Also great personalities in Mike and Pete. Kudos to WHI and personnel. I know how hard it is to build that environment. You care and it shows! Congrats!

Mike & Erin M.

We wanted to provide feedback on our experience with Peter, who did our home energy audit.  We felt he went above and beyond what was expected of him.  He was very thorough and was genuinely concerned about any issues causing inefficiencies in our home.  He explained things in terms we could easily understand and we learned so much through the process.  We will certainly be recommending the service to others. 

I wanted to thank you and your team again for the
great work you did and insulating our home. It is only been a week, and the
difference is amazing. Every room in this house feel substantially warmer.
It seriously seems like the best money we ever spent on a home improvement
Mike and Igor were great to work with, and did a fantastic job. I also
really appreciate your patience and explaining the quote, explaining the
job, and talking me through any questions I had.
We will definitely recommend you and your company out for future work to

Your employees were prompt, courteous and friendly.

Lois W., Menomonee Falls, WI

Thursday and Friday of last week one of your crews were at my home putting in some additional insulation and doing some other work. I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of your men. They were very friendly, explained what they were doing and were very diligent to not make a mess. Any mess that was made was cleaned up promptly.

In this day and age people tend to complain when they are not happy and keep quite when they are. We just wanted to let you know about our positive experience. We would definitely recommend your company to someone who needed insulation services.

John & Jennifer P., WI

Please thank your crew for the great job they did here. They were all very personable, worked very hard, and they took the time to explain what they were doing.

Barbara F., Belgium, WI

Jan and I were amazed and impressed by the crew’s positive work ethic coupled with their gracious and friendly manner. Obviously they knew what they were doing and set to task with quickness and absolute thoroughness… you have our deepest appreciation.

JoAnne and Jan V., Greendale, WI

The work your team did is fantastic! Also I would like to compliment your crew on their professional approach to our house and their work.

Also I was impressed with the original salesperson who did the interview. Keep it up and I’ll pass on your name to my friends!

Ryan, WI

Steve and Frank are very good representations of your firm -- very professional. Thanks!

Jim Young, WI

We were pleased with work done by Mike and Kevin. They deserve a pat on the back. Thanks!

Eugene Hefter, WI

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your Madison crew for the great work they are doing. Over the last few months I have worked closely with Dann, Roger, Marc and Jeremy and am extremely impressed with their attitudes and the quality of their work. Dann has done a great job motivating his guys to do their work in a timely and efficient manner and has been great at communicating with Project Home staff when he has questions or issues.

I have recently started inspecting the work that Dann’s crew has done at Meadow Park in Madison and have found that everything has been done to not only Project Home’s standards but should have no problem passing state inspection as well. I have grown to trust that Dann is doing these things the same way our own crews do them. I am able to answer questions for landlords and tenants about the work that your crew is doing without having to double check with Dann that he is doing the right thing because I know he is. I am extremely confident that when Dann and his crew are finished with a job that it has been done correctly and that they have treated our customers with kindness and respect.

Please pass along this message to your guys. I know that the work they are doing is hot and uncomfortable and we want them to know how much we appreciate their efforts. Thanks to you and your staff as well for keeping us up to date on the work you are doing and communicating any problems or issues that arise.

Have a great day and thanks again!

Brandon Langeteig, Project Home, Inc.
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