How to Combat Inflation and Save on Rising Energy Costs with New Insulation

How to Combat Inflation and Save on Rising Energy Costs with New Insulation blog header image
June 23, 2023

Over the last decade, we've seen a surge in average national energy costs, with electricity prices rising more than 25% and piped gas prices rising 40%. Unfortunately, for those of us in Wisconsin, our utility rates soar even higher, as we pay more than the national average or even surrounding Midwest states for energy.

This sharp rise in costs places an extra financial burden on homeowners, often forming a significant portion of the household budget. While many homeowners are looking for ways to fight inflation and save money, few realize just how much energy their homes are wasting every month, or what to do about it.

The Hidden Cost of Poor Insulation

90% of homes are underinsulated, and Wisconsin homes are no exception. As energy is lost through poorly insulated walls, roofs, and floors, heating and cooling systems are forced to work harder, driving up energy usage and costs. This results in homeowners paying more than they need to every month to keep their homes comfortable.

How Insulation Lowers Your Energy Bills

Insulation works as a barrier, slowing down the movement of heat into and out of your home. In the winter months, it helps to keep the warmth in, while in the summer, it helps to keep the heat out. By upgrading your home's insulation, you can dramatically decrease energy waste. With less wasted energy, your heating and cooling systems won’t need to run as often, lowering your monthly energy bills.

Beyond the immediate financial savings, a well-insulated home is also a more comfortable home, with fewer drafts and more consistent indoor temperatures. And, by consuming less energy, your home will be better for the environment, which is a win-win for both your wallet and the planet.

Wisconsin Rebates and Tax Credits Make Insulation Upgrades More Affordable

One of the potential barriers to upgrading your home's insulation and sealing air leaks is the upfront cost. However, Wisconsin homeowners have several incentives available to lower the cost of these vital home improvements.

The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits to help homeowners offset the costs of energy-efficient upgrades. You can qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of insulation and air sealing materials (as much as $1,200 every year).

There are also local Focus on Energy rebates for insulation and air sealing! As an approved Trade Ally, Wisconsin Home Improvement can help you qualify for up to $1,800 in rebates (or nearly $2,500 for those thatmeet income qualifications).

Schedule an Audit with Wisconsin Home Improvement to Get Started

The best way to get started with money-saving home upgrades is with a home performance audit from Wisconsin Home Improvement. An energy audit will help you uncover the specific areas of your home that need attention, taking the guesswork out of insulation and air sealing upgrades. With the results of your audit, we’ll also explain just how much you stand to save with rebates, tax credits, and other incentives, including limited time WHI specials!

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